Wednesday, December 19, 2018


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When used topically, green tea can be even more effective.
Retinol and acids
Up your anti-ageing game with a little help from Vitamin A and AHA families.
Retinol For Anti-Ageing
Here's why you need it in your arsenal.
Vitamin C Benefits For Skin - Major Mag
Say hello to a healthy & radiant skin complexion.
How to get rid of dry lips naturally - Major Mag
Opt for balms infused with blueberries and exfoliate with products that include jojoba oil...
Uses of Bio-Oil
The miracle oil that your skin will love.
Josephine Skriver's Nighttime Skincare Routine
This Danish VS Model has some unorthodox but effective methods of keeping her skin healthy & radiant from Chinese face masks to ACTUALLY shaving her face.
Baby oil hacks
Did you know this mildly scented oil can be used for pretty much all of your beauty concerns? The best part is that it...
L'Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks
Multi-masking - A new trend in face mask territory quickly going from a social media photo op to a much more efficient way to...
Did you know the charcoal used for skin care is what's known as "Activated Charcoal" and it isn't anything new - It's been around...