This women’s fashion and beauty magazine would be covering a plethora of genres. The beauty section is further bifurcated into hair care and skin care providing considerable amount of significant information on skin care regime, hair care regime, contemporary makeup, makeup according to occasions and events and certain stupendous information pertaining to beauty. This section also educates one about how to’s and don’t and do’s pertaining to beauty.

This comprehensive lifestyle magazine also dispenses pithy content on fashion, street styles, global fashion industry, domestic fashion industry, contemporary fashion trends, beautification. MAJOR MAG is for those with an artistic temperament. 

Miisha Bangiya - Founder

MAJOR is the brainchild of Miisha Bangiya who intends to provide meaningful and beguiling content on fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Being a professional model, Miisha has an avid inclination towards the fashion world. Impregnated with the fashion industry, she has an intense amount of knowledge and exposure to beauty industry. She has been enthusiastically involved in her mother’s salon making her quite familiar with the beauty world and cosmetology.

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For any queries, contact her at: miisha{at}majormag{dot}in

Nehal - Editor-in-Chief

Nehal joined MAJOR as an Editor. A true creative at heart, she loves what she does, especially working with talented people, producing great work and never settling for the second best. 

 “There’s a constant buzz at MAJOR, everyone is so focused on producing the best work possible. Everyone here has a unique personality and I love that because it makes MAJOR a vibrant workplace. Days here are fast-paced – with a different project landing on my desk each day, boredom is not an option”