Uses of Bio-Oil

What is Bio-Oil?

Bio-Oil is a specialist skincare product widely known for reducing the appearance of stretch marks. This unique formula contains a ‘breakthrough’ ingredient called PurCellin Oil combined with Vitamin A, E and a mixture of few essential oils – Lavender, Calendula, Rosemary and Chamomile. Each ingredient brings a healing property to the body.

This beauty product is non-comedogenic, and suitable for all skin types. Though we’d suggest people with extremely sensitive skin to be a little careful and apply only a few drops of it on your facial skin. No need to pile on, really! Now let’s take a look at how the product is made.


Since Bio-Oil is pretty affordable and safe for daily use, it may be worth a try! Read on to find out its amazing uses.

15 Uses of Bio-Oil:

1. Rub a fair amount of Bio-Oil into dry and cracked heels before bed to get smoother feet.

2. If you’ve dark circles, apply a drop under each eye and massage it well. Do this twice a day for atleast 2-3 months to see any noticeable results.

3. Use Bio-Oil to take off your stubborn eye/face makeup before washing your face.

4. Since it contains Vitamin E, It will keep your nail cuticles strong and healthy too. Nail your manicure by massaging a small amount onto your cuticles for a nourishing finish.

5. Have some leftover coffee grinds? Combine with Honey & Bio-Oil to create an ultimate body scrub.

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bio oil and coffee scrub
Instagram/ Bio-Oil Canada

6. For Razor Burns, Dab a few drops on your body post shave for immediate hydration.

7. Need a brush refresh? Pour a few drops into the palm of your hand, swirl your dirty makeup brush and then rinse it off with plain water.

8. Looking to enhance your bathtime ritual? Add a splash of Bio-Oil to your bath water for a silky smooth finish.

Instagram/ Bio-Oil Canada

9. Fade those stretch marks by applying it to the areas prone to stretch marks (breasts, hips, abdomen, lower back, thighs) twice daily, for a minimum of three months, from the second trimester.

Here’s what the brand claims: “Stretch marks are permanent in nature, and although Bio-Oil is formulated to help improve their appearance, it can never remove them.”

10. Sun damage? Uneven skin tone? Dark spots? Apply it to the affected areas twice daily for 3 months. Since Bio-Oil does not contain a sunscreen factor, Apply sunscreen once Bio-oil has been completely absorbed by the skin.

11. Bio-oil works great as a makeup primer. Put it before applying makeup to lock in the moisture. It will leave your skin smooth and ready for the day.

Bio-oil as makeup primer
Instagram/ Bio-Oil Canada

12. Mix a drop of Bio-Oil with your favorite bronzer for a perfect natural sheen. 

13. Minimize the appearance of old/new scars (whether from surgery, insect bites, acne or chickenpox) by applying it 2 times a day for 3 months. 

NOTE: Bio-Oil does not interfere with freckles. It won’t fade them.

14. Dry, damaged, brittle hair? Seal split ends and lock in moisture with a few drops of Bio-Oil rubbed through the hair ends.

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Bio-Oil for Dry, Damaged Hair
Instagram/ Bio-Oil Canada

15. Achieve blended and flawless makeup look in three easy steps: 
a) Add a few drops of Bio-Oil onto damp sponge or makeup brush. 
b) Dab the brush/sponge into foundation.
c) Blend and brush all over your face. 

BONUS TIP: Since it has the soothing aroma of essential oils, apply – a drop or two, to your forehead before bed. It will keep work stress at bay and make the task of sleeping easy for you. 



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