Do you feel naked with no kajal in your eyes while stepping out but also get irritated by the kajal smudge all around your eyes? Worry no more! Retain the freshness to your gorgeous eyes with these simple hacks that will help you keep your kajal smudge proof all day long in this humid weather.

1. Application Matters 

The way you swipe the kajal across your waterline matters a lot! To prevent smudging, Applying it very precisely and neatly on the waterline is the first step. It will definitely start getting smudged if you apply it below the waterline especially if it is not water proof.

2. Skip The Inner Corners 

While applying kajal, skip the inner corner of your eyes as its usually moist. Apply a white eye pencil or white eye shadow on the inner corners instead and kajal on rest of the waterline. It will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.

3. Prepare An Under-Eye Base For Oily Skin

Using a Translucent powder or any setting powder around your eyes helps absorbing the oil and gives a pretty smooth base for the kajal application. All you need to do is; Take some powder on a sponge or beauty blender and dab it under your eyes especially the corners and just swipe off the excess. No, we’re not talking about baking. You Just have to apply the powder and dust it off. Now apply your favorite kajal and don’t worry about it smudging off even on a hot, sweaty day.

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4. Make A Change 

If you find your kajal always smudging, make a switch and start using gel liner, in place of eye pencils, for that long-lasting smudge-proof look. Try L’Oreal Paris 36 hours Gel liner

5. Intensify Using Eye Shadow

Applying an eye shadow with a flat brush on top of your kajal really helps keeping it in place. Remember, shade of your eye shadow should be similar to that of the kajal.

6. Go For The Right Products 

We assume everyone agrees to the fact that cheaper brands fade-off very easily and they are not usually water proof, so they have the tendency to smudge off. Invest in better brands, as they do justice to your look completely and saves you a lot of time. Indian women love Maybelline Colossal and Lakme Eyeconic.


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