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Is your skin oily and prone to acne? Are you looking for a natural and inexpensive solution to combat acne with minimal efforts? Try this easy homemade acne moisturizing DIY suggested by Dr. Surbhi Mahajan, Founder of Dermatocare. 

What You'll Need:

• Aloe Vera Gel – 15ml (as a base product)
• Pure Tea Tree Oil – 6 -10 drops (as an active ingredient)


Mix both the ingredients together in a bowl. Once the mixture is well blended, place them in a small container with a lid.

How to Use:

“To apply, simply rub a small amount onto clean skin at night before bed. Make sure your hands are clean before dipping into the container. Rinse with water in the morning. You can spot treat acne with this recipe as well. Just dab a small amount directly onto the blemish.”

Shelf Life:

“It is best to keep it in a cool, dark place. Your bathroom cabinet is fine. You can safely store it in a plastic or glass container (avoid metal at all costs) for 30 days or longer, and make sure water doesn’t get into it or else it might go stale”, she adds.

tea tree oil and aloe vera gel for acne and pimples - natural home made remedy-001

How It Works:

Tea tree essential oil is one of the best essential oils for healing the skin. It is antibacterial, which helps knock out bacteria that may cause acne.

Some studies found that topical application of tea tree oil used for 4–8 weeks improved mild to moderate acne vulgaris as well as or better than benzoyl peroxide, topical erythromycin, or placebo.

Aloe vera is non-comedogenic (that do not clog pores) and its proven antibacterial properties are very effective in treating acne and reducing the redness caused by it. It prevents bacteria from infecting acne wounds and accelerates the process of healing.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Patch test is recommended, to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction. Place a few drops of tea tree oil on a small patch of skin and watch for any signs of irritation for 24 hours. If you don’t have a reaction, it should be safe to apply elsewhere.

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