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Are you tired of treating your brittle or split nails? This ailment is something that affects approx twenty percent of the population. Read on to know more about brittle nails: What do they look like, what causes them and how can you easily treat them at home with regular care and attention.

Characteristics of Split/Brittle Nails

• Change in nail color
•  Feeling of dryness or roughness
•  Ridges on nail surface affecting the nail plate
•  Thin and Breaks easily
•  Curls around the fingertips

What Causes Them

•  Over exposure to chemicals like soap or detergents.
•  Nutritional Deficiencies
•  Stress
•  Change In hormones
•  Aging
•  Inadequate protein intake
•  Dehydration
•  Overuse of Nail Polish Remover

Tips To Strengthen Your Brittle Nails 

  • Natural Oils: Using Natural oils, such as Jojoba, Castor, Argan or Vitamin E oil on your dry nails can help nourish & protect them. Next time you do your manicure, forget the nail polish and let the essential and healthy nutrients sink in! Simple massage the oil to your nail beds to get the blood circulating.

Pro Tip: Try limiting your manicure frequency as overuse of nail polish remover can dry out your nails as it needs you to scrub more in order to remove the color. For better results, use Acetone instead of a non-acetone nail polish remover.

And to limit the frequency of manicure, make your nail polish last longer by applying a base coat and a durable top coat. No girls, these two are not interchangeable.

Base coat actually helps improving nail plate and reducing yellow staining by protecting your nails from chemicals while Top coat works as a preventative shield by covering the polish, making it last longer.

  • File Your Nails Properly: Always file your nails in one direction. Doing it back and forth will do you no good and it can actually weaken your nails.

  • Limit Chemical Exposure: Keep your nails protected while doing dishes or other cleaning chores by wearing hand gloves. Over exposure to chemicals can weaken your fingernails. Also, protect them from plain, everyday water cause frequent usage of water strips away the natural moisture from nails and hands.
  • Bedtime care: Night is actually a chance to try to undo some of the damage. Apply a thick hand cream on your nails and cuticles at bedtime. It will keep your fingernails moisturized all night so they will grow stronger and break less. Make it a part of your daily routine.

Try out these simple and effective remedies and flaunt those nails with pride!


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