Stippling Brush vs Buffing Brush

The purpose of doing makeup is to make your skin look flawless & even toned – not like it’s coated in an opaque mask. No one prefers streaky, unblended makeup. To keep things natural, it needs to be applied in a right manner with the correct tools. 

The brushes that people are highly confused about are – Stippling & buffing, especially when it comes to applying liquid foundations. We are here to break down the differences between these two brushes. 

Buffing Brush 

A buffing brush has bit more of a denser head than a stippling one which enables you to evenly buff the product into the skin. This brush gives you a medium coverage if used for applying liquid foundations. Also, they do soak in a little bit of extra foundation since they are denser.  

They usually work well with powder products, such as, powder blusher, powder foundation. They are dense enough that you don’t have to keep dipping the brush into the product which makes it suitable for those who hasn’t got much time. 

 For a beautiful blended finish, gently swirl the brush over your face. To add depth, contour your cheeks using a buffing brush & blend the edges very precisely. [Remember to use matte contouring products & not the glittery ones] 

In short, They are designed for buffing powder into the skin, buffing out any harsh blush, contour or any foundation lines. 

Stippling Brush

A stippling brush generally has two sets of bristles: 
1. Synthetic white fibers at the top to pick up the product & help deposit it into the skin.
2. Black natural fibers at the bottom which are comparatively denser.


Such brushes can be used for a lot of purposes but they work really great with liquid & cream prodcuts, be it a foundation, blusher, bronzer or highlight. It also acts as a polishing brush which gives a perfect sheen to your makeup. 

The more time you spend applying, the more airbrushed it will appear, so definitely not ideal for someone who is always running late. When applied correctly, the foundation actually stays on longer compared to the buffing brush. 


Both of these brushes give a flawless effect, It only depends on how you use them. Many makeup artists recommend using the stippling brush to apply the liquid foundation & blending it afterwards with a buffing brush so that it has a more seamless finish. 


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