Mamaearth Day and Night Cream

There’s no denying the fact that all forms of pollution cause free-radical damage to the skin, with smog being a major source. Various air pollutants such as UV radiations, car emissions, ozone and cigarette smoke affect our skin as it is the outermost barrier. And did you know that 80% (yes, 80 percent) of facial skin aging is attributed to UV exposure according to a 2008 study!?

If left untreated, this damage may lead to the breakdown of everything our skin needs to maintain a healthy glow and prevent premature aging. The best way to counteract the attack? By beefing up your skincare arsenal with our best pick of this week – Mamaearth’s Natural Radiance Day Cream¬†and Overnight Repair Cream.

Natural Radiance Day Cream

Mama Earth Day Cream with SPF 20

The hypoallergenic and chemical-free formula of this day cream is the perfect primer to get you ready to face the bustling city. Thanks to antioxidant-rich pomegranate which helps fight off free radicals like a champ.

It contains mulberry extracts which helps in regulating melanin synthesis of the skin, thus gives a brighter skin. Murumuru butter in this cream helps to restore elasticity of damaged and aging skin.

Not to mention SPF 20 knocks out the extra step of applying sunscreen during your morning routine. It applies like a normal moisturizer out of handy, hygienic pump. 

Overnight Repair Face Cream


The Collagen in this night cream helps neutralize pollutants while you sleep, and you’ll love how richly moisturizing it is too. It also contains daisy flower extracts that helps gently exfoliate the skin, and saffron extracts that helps in lightening the complexion naturally. Plus, the nifty pump system means you won’t contaminate it by dipping your fingers in like most jar moisturizer.

Use both the creams together to see visible changes in your skin. The best part? They are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive, but a patch test is always recommended to make sure you don’t have an allergic reaction to any of the ingredients. Have any questions? Leave them down in the comment box.


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