If you haven’t used a setting powder before, you’re seriously missing out. A little dusting of setting powder on important areas sets the makeup well, blurs out imperfections like fine lines and makes your face look just the right kind of shiny throughout the day.

There are basically two types of setting powders. Loose and pressed. The main difference between a loose and a pressed powder is the way the product is packaged.

If you’re more into baking your makeup and achieving a luminous look, then loose powder is a great option for you. They provide light coverage and you are more likely to find mineral makeup in a loose powder than a pressed one.

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Loose powder comes in many shades but the ‘translucent’ shade is the one which is most commonly used.

Even though some of the translucent loose powders look white but they are totally colorless and are meant for just about every skin tone.

Many times, the terms ‘translucent powder’ and ‘loose powder’ are used interchangeably to refer to a powder used to control shine.

TIP: People with darker skin tone will still need a bit of tweaking, so we prefer using a tinted pressed powder after applying the translucent loose powder to warm up deeper skin tones. Alternatively, skip the translucent powder, just apply a tinted loose powder altogether and you’re good to go.

If you are a minimalist and don’t use any foundation or concealer but still want an extra boost of coverage, a tinted loose powder is what will work best for you cause translucent loose powder does not provide any coverage and is only used to set the makeup as it doesn’t have any build up.

Pressed powder, on the other hand, comes in a compact and the particles are not as fine as the loose ones. They add slightly more coverage because they contain binders and are ideal for those who want a wider range of shades or a bit more precision.

A pressed powder is easier to apply if you’re new to this whole face powder thing because honestly loose powders could be a little messy since they are often packaged in jars or tubs.

Pressed powders should be chosen carefully to match the skin tone in order to get the best results.

Now that you know the difference between the two, We’re going to talk about picking the correct one! To pick the right powder for your skin tone, test it by applying it to dry skin. The correct one won’t cause flashback or look white in HD photos taken with a flash.


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