Karlie Kloss shares her supermodel make-up tips and tricks, for a 3-minute beach-ready make-up look that’s sun and selfie-ready.

Step 1: Be generous with some nice thick cream, especially when you’re not going to wear a tonne of foundation. 

Step 2: Apply eye gel around the entire eye area: on the eyelid and above the brow.

Step 3: We all know that feeling when it’s the start of the summer and you haven’t quite got that sun-kissed look yet, so you have to fake it till you make it and use a little tinted moisturizer that has SPF in it.

With the help of a beauty blender, apply it to your face. You could also use a BB Cream in place of a tinted moisturizer. 

Step 4: Now take a small amount of a waterproof concealer, You don’t need a lot – It’s really more about blending it in. Apply it under your eyes and to areas that have  any imperfections, say acne or redness.

Step 5: Lightly feather your brows and fill in any holes or gaps and then extend the length a little bit.

Step 6: Apply mascara. You can do black or brown for kind of a more natural look. 

Karlie kloss

Step 7: And now a little bit of bronzer, just to give that sun-kissed look. Apply it to the temples, cheekbones, and under the jawline.

Be sure to dab the extra product on the back of your hand to make sure there’s not too much. There’s nothing worse than having a giant streak of bronzer.

Step 8: Final Step for the skin – Blusher. Since it’s a beach look, opt for a coral shade. Make a smile, find the shape of your cheeks and blend it in. For lips, Opt for a lip balm with SPF in it. Voila! You’re ready to go hit the beach.


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