Mastering blue eyeshadow can be a little tricky but with the right shades you can create a flawless look. Chloe Morello – the beauty vlogger, brings you an elegant blue eye makeup that is not only perfect for both daytime and evening look but compliments every eye color. 

Step 1: Prep your eyes by applying concealer on your eyelids to ensure that your color looks even and stays on longer. The shade that Chloe used is KKW Liquid Concealer #5

Step 2: Use a medium sized fluffy brush to apply a nice transition color. A transition is usually a light to mid-toned neutral color applied to the crease to help blend out shadows. The Brush is #286 Duo Fibre Tapered Blending Brush from M.A.C 

Step 3: Take a highlighting powder and apply it to your brow bone to help soften out the transition color. She used KKW Brightening Powder #3

Step 4: Take a darker shade of brown and apply it to the inner and outer thirds of the eye. Make sure to keep the center of the lid completely free of product. At this point, skeleton of the look is done.

Step 5: Now go in with the blue and lay it right over the brown shade and soften the edges with a clean pencil brush.

Step 6: Apply a white color to the center of the lid and blend it seamlessly into the inner and outer corners. This color can be any finish but shimmers look especially pretty.

Step 7: Take the blue color and place it on the lower lash line. For the waterline, use a nude eye pencil for a wide-eyed look. If you wanna keep it smokey, you could also use a black eye pencil.

Step 8: Finsh the look with a few coats of mascara and lashes. Use black mascara for the most dramatic effects. Brown may not look as striking.


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