Pick The Right Brush According To Your Hair Type

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You need a perfect brush to get perfect hair. Here’s a list of different types of hair brushes and their uses to help you choose the right one.

  1. Paddle Brush
  2. Wide Tooth Comb
  3. Natural vs Synthetic Bristle Brush
  4. Rat Tail Comb
  5. Vented Brush
  6. Round Brush
    Let’s dive in.
  • Paddle Brush

Vega Paddle BrushSince these brushes are flat, they are ideal for creating straight and sleek looks on medium or long length hair. Moreover, these are anti-static and helps tame those annoying flyaways too which proves such brushes are the best choice for the winter season because all those woolen clothes are static inducing materials. (Shop Wet Brush Pro Paddle Brush, $9; Amazon)


  • Wide Tooth Comb

By Nature Neem Wood Wide Tooth CombThese combs have their teeth spaced quite apart, hence there is less to no hair breakage and it gets easier to de-tangle hair. It makes your scalp feel massaged rather than being scratched. Wide tooth combs can be used for all hair textures and types. It works best for people who suffer from scalp inflammation and pimples. A lot of women prefer a wooden wide tooth comb over a plastic one simply because plastic ones are not anti-static.


  • Natural vs Synthetic Bristle Brush

Woolsy Boar Bristle Hair Brush With Added Nylon PinsNatural bristles are best for people with sensitive scalps. They are great for medium to long and thick hair to minimize frizz as it distributes hair’s natural oils to the ends and helps to seal hair cuticle so that the hair appears shiny. Whereas Synthetic Bristles are mostly made from nylon and unlike natural bristles, they don’t help condition the hair by distributing oils. But they are hugely preferred if tangled hair is one of your main concerns.

The good thing is, brushes with the combination of both natural boar bristles and synthetic nylon bristles are also available in the market that can brush your hair much easier.


  • Rat Tail Comb


Vega Tail Comb

This comb has little space between the teeth and it comes with a thin handle which can be used for parting hair, whether it’s a straight side/center parting or even a zigzag one. It is also used to pull out portions of the hair making hair styling easier. One of the most common uses of such combs is hair teasing or backcombing.


  • Vented Brush


Roots Hair Brushes - Ceramic Barrel

This brush speeds up the blow drying time by allowing the air to flow through the brush as they have holes through the back if it’s a paddle shape. Round Vented Brush has an aerated barrel. Since the drying time is shorter, this brush prevents damage too. and are quite effective if you’re trying to create volume.


  • Round Brush

When you are blow drying your hair, this is the brush you want to use. These brushes are great if you want that bouncy hair look. Choose a larger barrel for that volumizing blowout and to create tighter curls, choose a small barrel. The bigger the diameter base, the straighter and fuller the look.


» Metal round brush can get too hot at times. To avoid the damage, keep the hair dryer atleast 6 inches away from your hair.

»If you get your hair brush tangled in your hair while blow drying, use a rat tail comb to remove the hair strands. Be patient and work slowly. Further tugging will only make a bad situation worse.





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