Golden and Bronze Makeup | Diwali Makeup
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There’s nothing richer than a pigmented gold makeup. This gorgeous golden and bronze makeup look is ideal for diwali and the party season. Plus, the these shades make it a go-to look for all skin tones. Let’s get started…

Diwali Makeup - step-by-step guide

♦ Moisturise your face and follow it up with a primer to get a perfect base.

♦ Apply foundation and then apply a concealer to hide minor imperfections. Set everything in with a loose powder to make your skin look brighter with a luminous finish. 

♦ Prime your eyes using the same concealer and highlight your brow bone using a sparkly white eyeshadow.

Diwali Makeup - step-by-step guide

♦ Next, use a softer brown color as a transition shade and then add a pigmented golden eyeshadow in the center using a medium-sized brush. Then, take a bronze eyeshadow & place it on the outer-v of your eyes and blend it neatly. 

♦ Fill in your brows, curl your lashes and apply a voluminous mascara. Finish eyes by applying false eyelashes and a nude eyeliner on your lower waterline to make your eye look bigger.

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♦ Add contour, blush and highlight to your face to enhance your bone structure.

Diwali Makeup - step-by-step guide

♦ Finally, apply an intense coffee brown lip shade and you’re done. 


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