Glitter Hairstyle Idea for new year's eve - 2019

Glitter hair is the trend that was practically made for New Year’s Eve and if you’ve ever wanted to experiment with glitter, now’s your chance. Super fun for the festive season and also really easy to do.

Glitter Hairstyle Idea for new year's eve - Glitter Ponytail
Photo Credit: Instagram / Amber Fairlie

Created by the hairstylist Amber Fairlie, this gorgeous glitter ponytail is perfect for an NYE hair look.

To recreate it, all you need is hair gel and, well, glitter. Just pick up a few pots of different sized glitter from your nearest crafts and hobby shop; mix them with hair gel and voila! Now that you have your mixture ready, use a fresh hair coloring brush to apply it. 


•  Glitter does like to spread out, so keep that in mind.

•  To keep glitter from flying everywhere, pour the glitter out first and then lay the gel on top of it. 

•  If you got a heavy-duty hairspray, damp your hair around the ponytail a little and then spray it. It’s that simple!

And finally when the party’s over and Instagram snaps have been taken, comes the removal process.

How to remove the glitter from your hair

If you have normal/dry hair, Take some coconut or olive oil, rub it into the scalp and massage for deep conditioning. After 20-25 minutes, Shampoo and rinse. Your hair will be glitter-free. 

For oily-haired girlies, Spray some hairspray on a paper towel till it’s wet and then use that to blot through your hair. It’ll pick up the glitter without making a mess.



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