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Create a stunning & fresh looking work makeup look using multipurpose products in less time than you need to drink your morning coffee. This quick, streamlined makeup routine is perfect for busy mornings when you’re running late.

Step 1: An all-in-one BB/CC Cream is the perfect base for when you have no time. It provides a very sheer and light coverage while giving the hydration and sun protection your skin needs. Rely on your fingers to work it in – the fastest way to even out skin tone.

NOTE: If you have extremely dry skin, We recommend using a non-greasy serum underneath your makeup to avoid flakiness and to give your skin a hydrated, healthy and supple feel.

Step 1 - All-in-one BB Cream - Natural Work Makeup look

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Step 2: With a medium-sized brush, Dust bronzer across areas where the sun hits: the bridge of your nose, the apples of your cheeks & across your hairline.

Step 2 - Bronzer - Natural Work Makeup look

Now take the same bronzer and apply it as an eye-shadow with a small brush to add a little depth to the eyes. You can also opt for a champagne color to achieve a more bright and natural look.

Step 2 - Eyeshadow - Natural Work Makeup look

Step 3: Grab a creamy concealer and apply it under the eyes, on the bridge of your nose and any blemishes that are hanging around. This will also help brighten up your face instantly. Women who are blessed with flawless skin can just skip this step.

Step 3 - Concealer - Natural Work Makeup look

Step 4: Mascara is a must to achieve the look of wide-awake eyes. Apply a generous amount of your favourite mascara to your eyelashes.  

Step 4 : Mascara - Natural Work Makeup

Step 5: Lastly, finish the look with a pop of color on your lips and cheeks with a multipurpose lip and cheek tint.

Step 5: Lip and cheek - Natural Work Makeup

And you’re done! These makeup multi-taskers will do just enough to make you look clean and presentable.

Pro Tip: “Well groomed brows give your complexion a lift. So even if you have sparse brows, fill in with just a few quick swipes” suggests our beauty expert.



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