It is something that is overlooked too often. According to Dermatologists, You should be cleaning powder brushes atleast once a month and liquid makeup ones atleast twice a month in order to prevent bacteria build-up and to lift oil from the bristles.

Bacteria causes skin problems and unwanted breakouts. [Note: If you’re a professional make-up artist or simply a heavy user, Weekly cleans are advised.]

Unwashed brushes can affect the durability and softness of bristles making the process of blending difficult which may affect your final makeup look.

What Will You Need:

• Makeup Brushes
• Warm Water
• Baby Shampoo / Any Gentle Soap / Brush Cleaner
• Tea Tree Oil

How To Clean Makeup Brushes:

•  Wet the bristles with warm water. Remember to keep the handle of the brush away from water as it can loosen the glue that holds the bristles and brush together.

•  Take a few drops of baby shampoo in your palm, mix it with 2-3 drops of tea tree oil and very gently swirl the brush’s bristles in it. You can also put a few drops of shampoo/cleaner in water and let the brushes sit in the solution for atleast 10 minutes.

•  Rinse the bristles with plain water

•  Squeeze the excess water out by gently pressing on the bristles with your fingers.

•  After washing the brushes, use standard hair ties to hang them upside down from a hanger/towel rack to dry. This is to maintain the natural shape of your brushes.

•  Once dry, keep them in closed containers to avoid dirt from landing on the bristles.

Your Makeup tools can last for years if you look after them. Know that it’s time to change the them once the bristles start to fall out. 

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