Picking the perfect bra for your breasts isn’t as easy as it seems. Many women spend years buying the wrong bra for their sizes. knowing the accurate size is the beginning ofcourse but finding the right support and style is a whole process.

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Below are a few things you should keep in mind before making your next bra purchase to avoid all the discomfort. 

  • Calculate your band size: Most of the support comes from the band. If the band is lifting up in the back, it means you’re wearing a bigger size and it clearly isn’t giving you the support you need. So to measure your band size, wrap the measuring tape around the bottom of your band under your bust. If it comes out an even number, add four inches to it. For example, If your measurement is 30 inches, then your band size is 34 inches. If It’s an odd number, add five inches. For example, If you measured 31 inches, your band size is 36 inches. Easy, Right?


  • Take your bust measurements: While bra-less or wearing a bra (not the padded one), Measure around the fullest part of your breasts, at nipple level, without pulling too tight.


  • Determine your cup size: To know your cup size, simply deduct the band size from your bust size. Let’s assume your bust size is 36 inches and your band size is 34 inches. The difference is of 2 inches. Now use this Bust Minus Band Difference to find your cup size on the list given below.

<1″ = AA
1″ = A
2″ = B
3″ = C
4″ = D
5″ = DD/E
6″ = DDD/F
7″ = DDDD/G
8″ = DDDDD/H
10″= J
11″= K

Considering this list, Your bra size is 36B.

Here’s a chart for better understanding:

You could use a sister size of your bra! A sister size is a related bra size with the same cup volume of each other. Here’s the chart:

  • Be open to change: Most women are generally wedded to a single brand. Not all bras that belong to one brand are gonna fit perfectly. It is important to be open to different styles and new brands even if you’ve got a bra that you like. And as you change brands/styles, it’s totally normal to wear multiple sizes.

Now that you’ve found the right bra, handle it with care. Hand wash is always preferred. Avoid bleaching or ironing.


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