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During uncertain times like these, it’s important to find comfort in little things. So while it may seem inane to think about outfits during a global pandemic, wearing a cozy outfit is something to look forward to, which is good for your mental health and will keep you motivated. Keep scrolling for the ultimate WFH outfit inspo.


Every day sitting in a pair of jeans at your home is no joke. That is why sweatpants are necessary and a great option when working from home. considering. pick a pair that gives you a chic look. 

Printed Leggings

You could wear boring black leggings, or you could follow Camila Cabello’s lead and put on a printed pair.


They will give the utter level of comfort and will also give you a professional look when you are on call. 

Silk Pajamas

Elevate your sleepwear by wearing a luxurious silk set of PJs. You’ll look work-appropriate and stylish for your video meetings without sacrificing comfort.

Comfy Dress

Sometimes you need to step away from the sweats and leggings and opt for what feels like a “real” outfit to get you in the work mindset.


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