This technique called “Baking” that claims to highlight the skin and set the makeup like no other is changing the way we view our concealer. 

What exactly is Baking? 

To “Bake” or “cook” your face means to let translucent powder sit on your face for five to ten minutes after applying a creamy concealer, which allows your own body heat to set your base and then dusting away the excess powder, leaving you with a natural and creaseless finish. This technique is super helpful when you want a more highlighted look to your skin.

Tools You Will Need: 

Concealer, Translucent or Setting Powder, Big Fluffy Brush, Beauty Blender and Some Patience.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1: Hydrate your skin, especially the under-eye area, with any moisturizer that works best for you. Be gentle with your eye area as it is super delicate.

Step 2: Using a beauty blender or a foundation brush, start applying foundation from the center of your face.

Step 3: Next, Apply a high-coverage creamy concealer under your eyes, to your T-zone or any other blemishes. Use a beauty blender or a concealer brush to blend it out. Always remember to simply dab the product gently, avoid stroking.

concealer application gif

Step 4: On top the concealer, press translucent powder into your skin using a wet beauty blender or a triangular sponge. The more powder, the better.

Baking Makeup Gif

Step 5: Leave the powder on for some time for the makeup to “Bake”, preferably five to ten minutes as advised by Makeup-gurus out there. Time actually depends on how long you want to wait. Some wait for upto fifteen to twenty minutes, some wait for only a few

Step 6: Using a fluffy brush, dust off the excess powder and gently blend any harsh edges with a moistened beauty blender. And Voilà, you are baked!

Baking Makeup Gif 2

PRO TIP: You can only get away with this technique if you have young and wrinkle-less skin. It’s not going to look great on wrinkly under-eyes. For those of you who have older skin, we’d suggest setting the under-eye with only a single light coat of setting powder but not baking it because any excess powder will only make your under-eye area look dry and more wrinkly than it already is.


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